Morningside publishes the TravelSouth (NSW - South from Sydney) Visitors Guide to the South Coast of NSW at

The objective of the TravelSouth site is to acquaint prospective tourists and visitors from outside the region with the attractions of the NSW South Coast and to encourage them to visit. Morningside welcomes enquiries from tourism authorities, especially at the local or regional level, with a view to using this site as a platform to promote the tourism attractions of their part of the region.

The TravelSouth website was first published on 10 August, 1995 and has received many accolades. More importantly it has been been enthusiastically received by the Internet itself. TravelSouth is being read at a rate of over 1.5 million page impressions per year (around 4,500 pages per DAY). This is by far the most widely read regional tourism publication in any medium and it provides Morningside's clients with a unique readership from their links from TravelSouth. You can verify these hits for yourself by taking this link.

If your South Coast tourism website is not linked to TravelSouth, you are missing probably more than 50% of your potential traffic.  Click here for details.

Visit TravelSouth now ; follow the site to your town or location and see how it offers a unique destinational platform to promote your business.

If your organisation has a more local or regional market, please consider Morningside's Community OnLine Websites as potential locations for your Internet promotion.

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