What the Sitemeter Counter shows

A Sitemeter is a clever counter placed on a website to help to analyse the readership that the site enjoys. It is a free service provided by an American company - see www.sitemeter.com. You can access the sitemeter stats for a site by clicking on the Sitemeter symbol (on Morningside's sites, this is a small multi-coloured square at the bottom of the Top Page of the site).

The Sitemeter statistics show the number of visitors and pages read on a site by day/week/month/year as well as providing other analysis tools.

For example, if you click on the "Recent Visitors/By Referrals" link you can see details of the last 100 visitors to your site. It shows the "previous address" that is held in the visitors browser - which is the address that the visitor was at immediately before arriving at the site. This allows you to assess the value of links that you may have to your website and the value of the search engines to your site.

  • If the link shows the word "unknown", this means usually that the reader has typed the address directly into the location bar of the browser. These are people who have the address of the site often from a paper advertisement or a business card or brochure. The number of "unknown" referrers gives you a good idea of the success of your traditional print and direct mail marketing campaigns.

    Another source of "unknown" references are readers who have accessed your site directly through their "favourites" list.

  • If the reader has come from a Search engine, the search engine will be shown as the referrer and the words used in the search will often be shown. Many 'web masters' will cheat here. They index their clients sites with so many trivial or irrelevant key words that they generate hits that are useless to the business objectives of their clients. If your caravan park website gets a hit from a search engine using the keyword of (say) "lorikeets" (which for some reason your 'webmaster' had chosen as a keyword), is it likely that this will have any value to your business? The Sitemeter information can help to show the "quality" of the hits on a website. 'Webmasters' who provide the most pathetic links between completely unrelated web pages in order to try to milk out a few hits for their clients (however irrelevant) have lost sight of the real objective.
      Remember this: Where you appear on the search engines; the number of hits on your site; the "beauty" and sophistication of the website; the number of pages on the site (mine's bigger than yours) - these are all only indicators of the potential success of the site and should not be seen as ends in themselves. Indeed, as shown above, the clever "web salesperson" can portray a sow's ear as a silk purse and is an expert at generating high numbers of useless hits on your site. A site's success can only be measured by improvements in your business.

  • If the reader came from a link on another site, the address of the page from which the reader took the link will be shown. If the hit details shows the address www.southcoast.com.au/... or www.morning.com.au/... then the reader reached the site by way of a TravelSouth or Morningside link provided to this client.

    Check some Sitemeters

    Visit our client list, select a site of interest and visit. Then press the multi-coloured square at the very bottom of their Top Page to access their Sitemeters.

    Alternatively, take one or several of the following links which will take you directly to the Sitemeters for the establishment named:

    Depot Beach Cottages Sitemeter  >20 visitors/day

    Lakesea Van Park Sitemeter  ~20 visitors/day

    Batemans Bay Manor Sitemeter  >10 visitors/day

    BeachHouse B&B Mollymook Sitemeter  >20 visitors/day

    Callala Bayside Realty Sitemeter  >30 visitors/day

    Couria Creek Farmstay, Tilba Sitemeter  5-10 visitors/day

    Press the "Recent Visitors/By Referrals" link and examine the details of their last 100 hits. You will find that most of our tourism clients are receiving between 30-95% of all their hits direct from their TravelSouth links. Furthermore, these are the very best "quality" of hits. Our van park hits come from links from TravelSouth's regional van park directories - these are people looking for van parks on the South Coast and not schoolkids looking for a free photo of some lorikeets for their school project.

    You may find Sitemeters on websites developed by firms other than Morningside. However, these people are starting to see that their Sitemeters do not bear close scrutiny, so they are often password protecting their Sitemeter pages and merely display the number of hits that they claim the site receives (including the "lorikeets" hits).

      A simple truth for South Coast tourism businesses is that you must have links from TravelSouth or you stand to halve the number and slash the quality of hits that your website receives.

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