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Meg does not produce her dolls in quantity or in any mass production line. Each is created by hand and so there is no order form for you to complete.

Meg would prefer it if you could ring her or send her an email to tell her what type of doll you would like and to discuss the detail of its creation.

You may like to fill out the form below to give Meg some idea of your interests or if you prefer, simply send Meg an email.

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Traditional dolls
Costs - Finished Doll: A$89.95  Kit: A$59.95 plus postage
 Jilly (D010)
 Sandy (D016)
 Christmas (D015)
 Seashells (D011)
 Country Checks (D013)

 Lulu - A$39.95 special plus postage

Limited Edition Dolls
Costs - Finished Doll: as shown below plus postage  Kit: N/A

 Marianne Limited Edition - A$250
 Brittany Limited Edition - A$195
 Jacinta Limited Edition - A$195
 Sammy Limited Edition - A$125
 Santa Limited Edition - A$125

 Undecided - please contact me

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Traditional DollsLimited Edition Dolls