Websites from Jenny Smythe

South Coast New South Wales

Jenny, the senior commercial website designer at Morningside, has produced many of the most successful websites in our region (South Coast New South Wales, Australia).

She began early in the history of the World Wide Web, coding HTML as far back as 1994. Since then she has created many hundreds of pages, using text editing and graphics programs and a high degree of expertise in the HTML coding process.

But Jenny is not just an HTML coder. Her sites show that production of a website that works is more than just an HTML coding exercise. Nor is she a graphics artist turned "web master" who get carried away with the cleverness of their graphics, but who lose sight of the message ... the design and the objective of a commercially successful website for their clients.

She understands balance, space and colour; she knows what sells and what doesn't; she understands that presentation, simplicity and style are important and as a proofreader extraordinaire, Jenny's pages don't contain bad grammar or misspelling.

Jenny also draws on the talents of local people and uses resources available on the Internet to achieve the right effect for each client.

Jenny may sometimes take a little longer to create her works, but this care and attention show in the final result, creating for her clients, websites that work.

Jenny's work personifies Morningside's website objectives ... attractive yet simple sites that are affordable and which receive maximum exposure to their client market.

But don't just take our word for it - Visit a few of Jenny's websites below.

Jenny's Sites
   .. a sample

Shoalhaven Tourist
Ultimate Campers, Batemans Bay 
The Coastal Resort, Milton-Ulladulla-Mollymook 
Barlings Beach Van Park 
Monets Cafe/Restaurant, Batemans Bay 
Beach House B&B Inn, Mollymook 
Surf Beach Country Retreat 
North Durras Caravan Park 

Jenny also wrote many of the pages on Morningside's TravelSouth - Visitors Guide to the South Coast of NSW, our premier publication. TravelSouth is now read at a rate of over 1.5 million page impressions per year and is the unique source of most of the readership enjoyed by Morningside's clients.

A website from Jenny, promoted through links from TravelSouth offers the best Internet marketing solution for your south coast tourism business. Please contact us for details.