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The National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA) is the motorists association in New South Wales which, amongst other functions, produces travel directories which rate, by way of a "Number of Stars", many of the accommodation establishments in the state.

The assessment and classification schemes utilised by NRMA are the National Classification Schemes. These schemes, and the NRMA assessors, are accredited and certified to Australian/International Standard 9002. Interstate properties are assessed by that State's motoring club utilising the same National Classification Schemes.

Star Ratings
The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) National Rating System awards accommodation properties a star rating. Generally, a one star property offers clean, basic accommodation while five stars indicate accommodation of an international standard.

The criteria for star ratings vary, depending on the category of accommodation being classified. Within each category, establishments have the opportunity to achieve a particular star rating from 1 to 5. Although all categories of accommodation utilise the star symbol to describe the standard achieved, it is important that properties from other categories are not compared eg a motel unit with a particular star rating should not be compared with a caravan park of a similar rating.

In general, the star rating is along the following lines :

*    One Star - Clean, basic standard, simple furnishings and facilities;

* *   Two Stars - Moderate standards with comfortable furnishings and facilities;

* * *   Three Stars - Good standards; well appointed, with comfortable furnishings and facilities;

* * * *   Four Stars - Excellent quality of accommodation, furnishings and facilities;

* * * * *   Five Stars - International quality of accommodation and furnishings with an extensive range of first class guest services and facilities;

Half Star - Indicates a higher level of features and items at the appropriate standard.

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