• Crucial addition to a southern ‘comprehensive, adequate and representative’ forest reserve system:
  • National Estate – the proposal comprises three overlapping National Estate Places identified by the Australian Heritage Commission
  • Coastal Zone - Identified under the NSW Coastal Policy 1997
  • Contains 26 threatened fauna species – it is a biodiversity ‘hot spot’
  • Contains 207 species of birds and 39 native, terrestrial mammal species
  • Durras Lake is the most pristine and least disturbed "large, slow-turnover lake" on the South Coast
  • Contains over 400 flora species
  • Significant rainforest conservation values
  • Significant Aboriginal values – 392 sites recorded in the proposed park
  • Murramarang National Park (only 50m wide in parts) must be expanded to make it ecologically viable
  • Proposed National Park since mid-1970’s
  • Focal point for regional tourism
  • Economic and employment benefits of tourism and recreation in "Greater" Murramarang National Park far outweigh its value for forestry