Anna Russell - International Concert Comedienne
Anna Russell - a celebration featuring 2 books every Anna Russell fan will enjoy.

London-born Anna Russell is a woman of a hundred voices, a hundred faces and a thousand moods.
Anna attended the Royal College of Music, majoring in voice, piano, composition and cello. After graduation, Anna pursued a concert career as a lyric soprano. Sir Ernest MacMillan invited her to appear with his Toronto Symphony Orchestra and her debut was a complete success - the applause loud, the laughter spontaneous.
In 1951, Anna conquered New York with a recital at the Town Hall. Every major critic covering the event hailed Anna Russell as one of the truly great artists of the generation and three additional New York recitals were held.

Anna then starred in every major music festival in North America and has been a featured soloist with major symphonic orchestras including New York, Cincinnati, National, Cleveland, Rochester, New Orleans and Indianapolis. She has also starred in opera and her own Broadway show.
Anna has appeared on many TV and radio shows.
She is known to record lovers around the world for her famous Columbia Masterworks LPs: Anna Russell Sings (?); Anna Russell Sings (?) Again!; Anna Russell's Guide to Concert Audiences and Anna Russell's Square talk on Popular Music.
Anna Russell's recordings have been reissued on CDs by Sony.

  Book 1 - Anna in a Thousand Cities written by Deirdre Prussak  ISBN 0-9580819-0-5

Book cover - Anna in a Thousand Cities

The cover of Anna in a Thousand Cities
shows Anna Russell in 'the indestructible pink chiffon', her favourite travelling costume.

Anna Russell's adopted daughter, Deirdre, accompanied Anna on tours and maintains a close relationship with Anna Russell. Deirdre Prussak is an Australian health and beauty columnist and television personality.
Thankfully for fans, Deirdre has recently released a wonderful memoir of their experiences together. Anna in a Thousand Cities is a delightful book. It is at times, touching, hilarious, informative and is always faithfully insightful.
A rich and warmly honest 200 pages packed with fabulous reminiscences of life with Anna Russell, personal glimpses and photos, gives readers a delicious insight to travelling with this star.
For Deirdre, writing Anna in a Thousand Cities was a labour of love and she has generously pledged all proceeds from its sale to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

A concert poster from the Royal Albert Hall.Royal Albert Hall concert poster

Anna Russell with June Salter and Andrea
Anna partying in Sydney in 1969 with Australian actor June Salter and radio's Andrea
Sydney Town Hall concert poster
A billboard for a concert series held at the Sydney Town Hall in 1955, part of a tour presented by the Australian ABC
Anna Russell with Deirdre Prussak
Anna and the author, her adopted Deirdre, at a Black and White party in New York, 1966

...and now for something completely different!
  Book 2 - The Power of Being a Positive Stinker written by Anna Russell

Anna Russell's wonderful wit, humour and sense of the ridiculous are renown worldwide.
Anyone who has achieved international fame, especially stardom, is obliged to share their secrets of success, their tricks of the trade and their general sparks of wisdom. There is an unspoken contract between the famous and their followers and others.
In The Power of Being a Positive Stinker - A Practical Guide on How to Inspire Nobody, Anna Russell has well and truly fulfilled her obligation with a compilation of witty anecdotes from her climb to the top. Added to this, are some very simple exercises and Anna's top ten philosophic gems to help you achieve the success of her revolutionary stinkerdom theory.
Fans will also enjoy the many photos which illustrate Anna's endeavours.
This book is a 'must read' for all fans of Anna Russell and is also an essential tool for those who take themselves and life far too seriously.

Angelic Anna RussellNot quite so angelic Anna Russell
Book cover - The Power of Being a Positive Stinker

Even less angelic Anna RussellFemme fatale Anna RussellMenacing Anna Russell
A repertoire of characters and faces is a powerful asset on the way to becoming a Positive Stinker

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